A high-end, dedicated, precision service

When two brothers, Mark and Rob Stokes, started out in the then fledgling AV Industry in the late 1980s they had no idea of the journey ahead of them. Twenty years later, with significant experience under their belts, they decided to respond to customer demands for higher quality, better services by launching their own high-end, dedicated, precision service. In 2007, TechPro was born.

A passion to achieve excellence in client care and service

Our passion to achieve excellence in client care and service soon saw TechPro grow, with clients large and small trusting us to supply them time after time.

Today, our team of full time employees continues to grow, strengthening our passion further and adding to the pride that runs through every project we undertake.

And a promise, we’ll always be there for you!

The live event industry is a tough, high-pressure place with nowhere to hide should anything go wrong: every member of our team understands there’s no substitute for attention to detail, careful preparation and detailed planning.

From last-minute changes to the most unusual client requests, we promise that we’ll always be there for you. Just one of the reasons why the majority of our business comes from existing clients, and their glowing referrals.