Adam Taylor: Project Manager

The role of a Project Manager at TechPro is multifaceted and incredibly varied. It’s a job that requires an organised and diligent approach.

Primarily, our role is to interpret our client’s creative event briefs and respond with technically achievable and affordable solutions. Each project is unique, so we respond accordingly by always developing bespoke equipment and staffing packages.

The multi-stage workflow we carry out for each project is different, the processes we’re responsible for arranging is often based on our clients preferences. Taking a tailored approach allows us to support each client in the way they wish. Some enjoy handing over all technical responsibilities to us, while other clients insist on closely managing our support. As a TechPro Project Manager, I’m always flexible and am equally comfortable working anywhere along this spectrum of autonomy.

As a projects team, we commit ourselves to first class support in pre-production. Equipment lists and technical drawings are drafted and re-drafted as changes dictate. Every detail is meticulously planned and prepped. This translates into a quality on-site delivery which is always on time and within budget.

A typical project workflow would include some or all of the following (but not necessarily in this sequence!):

  • Receive and consider the client brief
  • Conduct technical site visit of the venue
  • Develop CAD drawings
  • Prepare the outline quotation
  • Attend planning meetings and calls as required
  • Agree and sign-off the specification
  • Make all crewing and equipment transport arrangements
  • Apply quantities of each cable, for every piece of equipment
  • Deal with occasional equipment shortages
  • Develop health & safety plans
  • Manage artwork and print requirements
  • Check manifest for client collateral items
  • Deliver the event on site
  • Collate on-site expenses
  • Prepare the final financial documents and invoice
  • Communication with colleagues and clients throughout