A week in live events is a short time

With Christmas and New Year out of the way, our technicians are busy straight away, with TechPro providing a range of AV services for a number of live events across Europe, including venues in Paris and Amsterdam

But closer to home, our first week back involved TechPro supporting a large healthcare sector internal sales conference and Gala Dinner in London.

As always, when the attendance numbers are measured in hundreds, we seem to spend longer loading-in our equipment, setting up and checking it all, rehearsing with the client and supporting the event, than the actual event lasts for the attendees.

This event was a little different however, as we were collaborating with audio and lighting specialists, who were loading in their equipment first, so our load-in began at 9.00am on site on Tuesday.

We set up all day Tuesday to ensure we could do our technical run throughs first thing Wednesday, with rehearsals starting at 11.00am with the client to ensure every presenter hit their cues and the content worked as it should – we know our kit would.

Equipped to impress

On this event, we we’re using a large 17m x 4m Curved LED Screen on the main stage, controlled by our Barco E2 video processor system, operated by one of the six talented technicians we had on-site for the three days of the event.

We specified Samsung DM55E LED displays for comfort monitors for the presenters, which ensured they always knew exactly where they were in their presentation, without having to turn away from the audience.

The event was for a global healthcare giant and this UK conference was being live-streamed around the world. We provided three Sony cameras with operators, who roamed the event to add interest and also provide footage of the presentations from fixed locations.

All of the footage was fed through our Panasonic HS50E SDI vision mixer, which ensured every viewer experienced a very real sense of the scale and quality of the event.

The event also had a small exhibition to engage and inform conference delegates, which featured a number of Panasonic 43in HD LCD screens and Windows Laptops to run the presentations that brought the messages to life.

As with most successful conferences, the presentations were kept short and impactful, with regular breaks to keep attendees engaged. Breakout areas offered delegates the chance to network and reflect on what they had learned, with Samsung QM75F LED displays, helping engage and inform.

It’s why we assess venues

Having previously assessed the venue, we were able to integrate our equipment with sound and light systems of the third-party teams into our plan, which when managed expertly by our technicians, delivered all our client needed it to.

Of course, when we consider the kilometres of video and power cables that have to be run, connected and checked for our equipment to operate perfectly, it’s easy to see how it takes days to prepare, load-in, set up and manage everything needed for a single day’s conference.

After the conference closed, delegates had just enough time to prepare for the Gala Dinner and recognition awards that followed. Once the DJ set had finished early Friday morning and as the delegates headed home, our crews are immediately began clearing the space to meet the 4.00 deadline.

Whilst the event was a great success, few if any of those in attendance will have given our work behind the scenes much thought, but we know it was another flawless delivery by TechPro and just what our clients have come to expect

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