Quality assured equipment guarantees high-fidelity audio

We know if the video is perfect and the lighting sets the mood, but if no one hears the all-important message, the impact is lost, or if cues are missed, your event is ruined.

Presenters need confidence the audio system will support them, and the audience will hear every syllable, note or sound effect, whether it’s a room of ten, a conference hall of hundreds or a stage in front of thousands.

This belief ensures TechPro continues to invest in the very best technology to maintain our reputation as a leading supplier of audio services for live events, at home and abroad.


Every solution starts with a site visit to understand the spaces we have to work with and what the venue offers for us to integrate into our design.

This attention to detail guarantees the best solution whilst saving time and cost wherever possible.

Our stock equipment, with brands including Yamaha, Sennheiser and Nexo combine to deliver clear quality sound for every live event, that maintains the attention of any audience large or small.

To ensure you get your clients message across, speak to TechPro and we’ll work together in harmony.