Big live screen images require a big solution

Big live screen images require a big solution

It is gratifying to report that TechPro is continuing to build a strong reputation for delivering the highest quality lighting, video and sound services required by the live events industry.

Whilst we recognise every aspect of our service is important in ensuring the events we support are memorable for all the right reasons, the quality of the video presentation plays a large part.

The technology in this arena changes quickly and requires constant investment to ensure we maintain our position as a leader in the field, with all the equipment necessary for the flawless delivery of live events.

Raising the bar for live screen management

We recently invested in a Barco E2 video presentation system, which is a full-sized event master processor that provides superior image quality, combined with exceptional input and output density, to control large live images in HD or ultra-HD.

Given the growing use of ultra HD video, it was important our new system supported native 4K input and output like the Barco E2, which was the first screen management system to manage 4K projector blends with refresh rates up to 60Hz with full 4:4:4 colour sampling and 12bit processing.

Our team believe this is a truly versatile system, with the 28 inputs and 14 outputs (up-to eight programmable, four Multi-viewer and four scaled Aux outputs) offering full show control, from what is a compact unit with small footprint.

Whilst it’s easy for technical specialists like us to get carried away with the numbers and specs, we never lose sight of what technology like this means for our clients.

The Barco E2 allows us to help our clients create complex multi-layered presentations, including picture-in-picture, or more accurately now, video in video, along with all the other controls and effects expected at high-end live events – it makes awards night presentations really impressive.

When clients need us to go really big, we can link our E2 together with our Barco S3 and/or our Barco Ex unit for added switching power.

This ability to add extensions allows us to support the largest displays available with multiple destinations, giving us complete control, with greater flexibility of not only the main large format screen, but also the presenter comfort monitors and audience relay screens within the system.

Its rugged steel chassis can withstand even the most challenging conditions of life on the road, even though it lives a pampered life in the hands of our technicians.

Okay, it’s all a bit technical, but it’s this passion for technology that ensures our clients can exploit video to its fullest extent and deliver a memorable event.

Big venues, big images and perfect control makes for a flawless delivery; on time, every time.

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