Danone Early Life Nutrition

One-day event

Passenger terminal - Amsterdam

The Passenger Terminal in Amsterdam was turned into a dedicated presentation area for a one-day event from Danone Nutricia.

TechPro collaborated with the in-house rigging company, but we then provided all of our own set & stage, projection, sound and lighting systems.

The Passenger Terminal Amsterdam is a blank canvas space with a semi permanent presentation area. We draped off the presentation space, due to the high levels of natural daylight within the building, and set up the space for the event. A specialist crew of 15 crew members were utilised in order to build the event in just a day.

The event included a three camera channel live relay / record system, graphics tunnel with soundscape, and a catwalk-style stage. Also the Twin 7m wide 16:9 front projection screens were used for high impact with the unusual seating style and stage setup.

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