Back to Growth

Good morning everyone from a very beautiful Barcelona! I would just like to say a huge thank you to each and every one of you for making this event so very successful! The clients are all delighted with how everything went and I have received thanks and praise which I promised I would pass on. I do hope to work again with you all in the very near future and please do circulate my thanks to your wider teams as well to everyone involved.Atlantic Presentations

Launch Event


A series of immersive launch events for ViiV Healthcare’s Back to Growth, where participants were surrounded by full screen high definition projections.

ViiV Healthcare wanted to immerse participants and were impressed by our full screen high definition projection.

TechPro provided the sound, video, graphics, lighting, set & stage, and crew across 4 events throughout the year (The images shown are from the final stage of the launch in Spain). Our spyder X20 was used with 4 x 13k hd projector blend across two 16 metre x 5 metre screens that were joined at a 90 degree angle and positioned in the corner of the room to fully immerse participants in the experience. Video content was projected across all the screens with live relay & record, picture-in-picture video. In addition to the main room, this event also had 20 break-out rooms.

The Hotel Assistant Manager, Miguel Su remarked to our Project Manager that this was the best event he had ever seen at the hotel.

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