Creating Virtual Chemistry To Reduce Carbon Emissions

Town Hall Staff Briefing

Apollo Chemicals (H. B. Fuller)

Every 6 months the senior management team of this business, which is based in the UK at several locations, delivers a presentation to all its 200+ employees, to help communicate the past performance of the business and the plans for the future.

The senior team now includes individuals based in the U.S., who prefer not to travel given the carbon emissions associated with flying. A technological solution was sought that offered better performance and integrated presentations via Teams.

Town Hall AV Production

The TechPro team setup in the warehouse area of one of the business’ facilities, for a 90-minute face-to-face update to all employees from their senior management team. A small audience was present, with the remaining employees in different locations engaging via the live event stream.

We take the PowerPoint presentation created by their internal team and project it onto a large screen, tailored to the space where the meeting takes place. This screen provides the backdrop to the meeting with a number of speakers presenting in front of it.

A couple of dedicated PowerPoint laptops are provided for the presentation. We also provide a 4-speaker PA system and 2 handheld radio mics, with the speakers arranged around the space to ensure those presenting can be heard clearly by everybody in the audience.

Keeping costs to a minimum and focusing on the functional approach of the presentation, no staging is required, just a podium or lectern, with a wireless slide advancer that the presenters use to take the audience through their presentation.

We are able to link external presenters from around the world via Microsoft Teams, which allows them to present to the face-to-face audience using the projection screen. This reduces the need for these presenters to travel to the various sites to present in-person.

The last time we staged this simple town hall staff briefing for our client, the Managing Director commented that he was impressed with how we managed to seamlessly link the external presenters on Microsoft Teams, as he was convinced this was the bit that wasn’t going to work seamlessly!

Everything is Possible

The global nature of growing businesses often requires communication with and between a dispersed workforce. But thanks to the technological know-how and experience of the team at TechPro, any important communications event can be given the support it deserves.

We understand the importance of delivering effective, professional events, dealing directly with clients who typically believe the quality we offer is beyond them and their budget. If you have important messages to communicate and want a better way to do it, please get in touch.