Professional Delivery Ensures No Slip-Ups For Mountain Rescue

Town Hall General Meeting

England & Wales

Mountain Rescue

There are 47 volunteer mountain rescue teams and 8 regional bodies supported by Mountain Rescue England and Wales [MREW], a registered charity set up to help them deliver the best possible care to their casualties.

The charity provides key items of equipment to these volunteer teams to ensure they continue to deliver and maintain the highest standards in care, ensuring this valuable community service remains voluntary and free to the casualty.

The charity holds town hall style meetings twice a year that include a briefing for the volunteer and takes the form of an annual general meeting once a year. There is a lot of information to share, with around 100 people in attendance and around 80 joining the meetings via Zoom.

Town Hall Meeting AV

TechPro has supported these town hall style meetings for a number of years, helping coordinate all the live presentations that are filmed to share the content with the online audience. The meetings typically cover a range of general topics, including finance, insurance and wellbeing.

However the important content for many of the attendees concerns Mountain Rescue specifics of, vehicles, UK Search & Rescue and Water & Flood Rescue. The meetings conclude with a Q&A session that includes pre-prepared questions and those asked live by present and online participants.

TechPro provides support with all the Audio and Visual requirements, including specification of equipment to suit each venue chosen by MREW. This will impact the size of the screen, the number of loudspeakers or even whether a 4G / 5G wireless internet connection is required as some hotels are not equipped for modern hybrid conference set-ups.

The set-up starts with the erection of a fast-fold projection screen, with 9k projector using an ultra-short throw lens to keep the space required to a minimum. The filming is undertaken with 2 remotely operated cameras [PTZ], allowing our team to switch seamlessly between the in-room and online presenters to show on the screen in the room and for the virtual Zoom audience.

The seamless switcher facilitates the input from each presenter, [in the room and online] and has the main and back-up graphics pre-loaded. Zoom inputs and connections to laptops take the output from the cameras and graphics to Zoom.

Sound is delivered with a 4-channel wireless microphone system, with digital audio mixing desk and a PA system suitable for an in-room audience of around 100 people. Typically we have a 4G back-up internet connection ready, so the event is not interrupted by Wi-Fi connection problems.

As the meetings usually start with a live full-morning session, the 2-person TechPro team set-up all the equipment the evening prior to the town hall event. Not only does this offer MREW the most cost-effective and time efficient solution, it also allows rehearsal time before the meeting those presenters who have no experience of presenting live to an audience.

Everything is Possible

Given the pressure on budgets, particularly for charities working hard to make every pound donated count, it is more important than ever that organisations can share important information professionally to build engagement, at a cost that remains palatable.

Technology utilised by experienced professionals such as those found here at TechPro, can make any town hall style event a success, whatever the size or budget, ensuring important messages are communicated in a professional manner, so please get in touch if you need something similar.