The right formula for a great one-day event

This was our first event for this new client, so it was an easy decision to appoint TechPro, knowing we needed to impress with every aspect of the event whilst ensuring everything ran smoothly and to schedule. As usual TechPro, our go-to technical team, delivered everything we expected and more, providing a true single source for both creativity and technical know-how. Another top performance.Galina Griffiths, Account Manager (TMB Events)

Annual Conference and Awards Evening

Whittlebury Hall, Northamptonshire

TMB Events

This is an annual event for the client, designed to celebrate the successes of the previous year, whilst allowing senior managers the opportunity to present the future plans of the business to the people who will deliver the predicted growth.

Whittlebury Hall, popular for conferences and corporate golf days alike, was the venue selected by TMB’s client, before they engaged them as event managers, with TMB working with this client for the first time.

Around 300 people from across the client’s business were expected to arrive for lunch on the Wednesday. The conference element of the event began straight afterwards, running to the early evening, before giving way to dinner, drinks and DJs for the night-time awards.

A client able to react quickly

Whatever the event, it is the reputation of TMB Events to make it happen. This claim was put to the test when they were appointed to organise the event just two and half weeks ahead of the day.

Responsible for events of all sizes and complexity for more than 30 years, TMB Events prides itself on ensuring the objectives of every client are not only met, but exceeded, with participants enjoying a memorable time at an event that also delivers value for money for the client.

It was important for TMB Events that not only was the event a success, running smoothly and to schedule, but there were enough little highlight details to impress their new client with both their management abilities and their choice of suppliers.

TechPro always ready to go

With only a couple of weeks to organise and manage the lighting, video, sound, set and stage for this prestigious event, TMB Events turned to TechPro for support, recognising over many events we are the safe pair of hands required by under pressure event managers.

Thanks to our large stock inventory, despite supporting another longer event at the same time, we were able to supply almost all of the required equipment from our warehouse in Tamworth.

Although a commercial venue, with an in-house event management team, all the necessary equipment was specified, supplied and managed by the TechPro project team, one of whom undertook the site survey prior to the event.

Our senior project manager toured the venue space, measuring and calculating what was needed to deliver the event as specified by TMB Events. He designed the space to make the most of the venue, which was a relatively compact space for so many people.

An entrance to remember

The client had asked if we could make the plain, rather drab entrance to the main room a bit more exciting and more reflective of the high quality of event.

We designed the corridor to impress, with Nexo ID24 compact loudspeakers playing upbeat music as the attendees walked in, with the Hollywood treatment completed by Chauvet Geysers which delivered the lighting and fog effects that guaranteed a client as happy as the guests.

TMB Events worked closely with a content agency to help the client develop presentations for the day, which would require an 8m x 2m video display. This was created with three Panasonic PT-RZ970 HD laser projectors, blended to create a single display using our Panasonic auto-alignment software.

One issue to be resolved was the depth of the stage, which when combined with a low ceiling, required the projectors to be located only 1.2m from the screen using ultra-short-throw Panasonic ET-DLE030 lenses, which leaves the stage free for the presenters.

This combination of projectors and lenses were calculated to deliver the required blended video at 9500 lumens, all managed and controlled by our versatile Barco E2 video processor system and E2 event master.

Comfort screens were provided to help keep the presenters on track, with large 75inch monitors relaying the live action to those further back in the room to ensure everyone enjoyed the full impact of the presentations.

Making light work of any event

We designed the mood lighting for the event to be flexible and deliver the necessary highlights for the presentations during the conference portion of the event, before switching to more dramatic effects for the evening awards ceremony, dinner and disco.

The impressive lighting solution featured top performers from our extensive inventory, including ETC source 4, Selecon SPX, Chauvet COLORado, ROBE and Chauvet Q-wash – 34 lights in total, all controlled by our Avolites Tiger Touch 2 lighting console and some talented technicians.

Located in an adjoining room for guests to inspect was a significant and confidential high-value feature for the event, which sat on a small stage area complete with a backdrop lit by a simple lighting solution designed to emphasise the technology at work.

Set-up and rigging for the event took place the day before, with hundreds of TechPro flight cases being unloaded by hand, with 22 TechPro technicians on site to ensure all our quality assured equipment was connected correctly as per the event design plan to ensure another flawless delivery.

Sound reasons to engage TechPro

The TMB team required excellent sound for the presentations given by their client throughout the first part of the day, which we addressed with our 8-channel Sennheiser G3 system, running through a Yamaha QL1 digital mixing desk.

Sound quality of the system, the wireless microphones and the headsets is excellent, with all using static-free UHF radio frequencies, for which OFCOM wireless licences were supplied.

From our large inventory, we specified Nexo PS15 R2 loudspeakers, which we can safely drive with up to 2000 Watts of amplifier power to ensure every syllable spoken came across clearly to everyone in the room.

Whilst not necessarily the first choice venue for TMB Events, TechPro once again demonstrated an ability to create an impressive engaging experience for conference attendees, from initial design to rigging the event in just two and half weeks from being appointed.