Two events in one prove no difficulty for TechPro

As always we engaged early with the TechPro team and Adam in particular was his usual unflappable self. They advised on the specification of the equipment so we balanced the quality of delivery with the cost, to ensure our client got the event they expected without paying for things they didn’t need or want. TechPro know what we need and deliver on time, every time, which is all we can ask of our AV services provider. Galina Griffiths, Account Executive (TMB Events)

Sales and Education Event

The Belfry Hotel & Resort Sutton Coldfield

TMB Events

A global corporate client, renowned for its professional salon hair products, hair colour ideas, styling inspiration and nail products holds a live event every year to celebrate the work of its people and to help educate them about new products, styles, fashions and innovations.

The Belfry Hotel & Resort is perhaps most famous for playing host to the Ryder Cup of golf, but is becoming increasingly popular as a venue for conferences and corporate presentations.

It’s convenient location in the heart of the country and range of 22 conference and event rooms, with capacities from under 40 people to over 400 make it a good choice whatever the event.

The two days would see more than 250 industry professionals discover more about the business they work for, the year it’s had, the year ahead and learn what new products they would be expected to sell to their clients.

TechPro around the corner

This is an event and a venue we know well. Having provided the audio, video, lighting and set & stage services successfully in the past, TechPro was once again appointed to support another memorable live event.

Good communication with the proactive team from TMB Events, led by Account Manager Sarah Moore, ensured a smooth specification and design period in the run-up to the event, with the experience of the TechPro project management team guaranteeing another flawless delivery.

Our Tamworth headquarters is just a short 15min drive from The Belfry, which made for a stress-free transport of our quality assured equipment for a change.

Although access to the site is good, it’s not possible to get a lorry around to unload direct into the venue’s Woodland and Warwick Suites, which meant more trips with our vans, rather than clogging up the car park with an articulated lorry – experience counts.

Site visits crucial to success

Details like access to the venue are picked up when one of our project managers undertakes a site visit well in advance of the event. These visits are critical to the success of an event, allowing us to assess the rooms and specify the right equipment to exploit fully the space available.

The site visit at The Belfry revealed the venue’s rigging points were only rated to 50kg in the rooms we were set to rig. Having undertaken the necessary calculations, we chose to remove ceiling tiles and rig our heavier, more powerful equipment direct to the building’s structure.

Each member of our rigging teams must have achieved National Rigging Certificate level 2, which ensures a safe working environment for everyone during the set-up process.

High fidelity in reality

With different rooms only becoming available once the event was in progress, it’s important our teams are always ready. When a room became available before expected, we were able rig ahead of schedule and offer more rehearsal time for the presenters, which always adds to the client’s peace of mind.

We are all finished by the end of Monday, but ready to resolve any issues highlighted during the speakers and presenters rehearsals which started the next morning at 7.00am.

Crystal clear audio was needed and delivered by the Beyerdynamic 8-Channel TG 1000 Radio Microphone System we specified for the event.

As is usual for TechPro, we also specified and arranged 8 OFCOM wireless licences with unique frequencies, which reduces the risk of interference from other radio systems in use in other conference rooms or by venue staff.

Our sound technician controlled the output with one of our Yamaha QL1 digital mixing consoles feeding sounds to a mix of Nexo PS10 R2 loudspeakers and Nexo LS18 subs for the audience, with Nexo ID24 compact loudspeakers delivering the front fill and presenter foldback.

Video to suit each suite

Throughout the day, showcases and education sessions rubbed shoulders on the main stage with catwalk models, showing the latest in artistic hair design.

When specified, we projected the prepared video content using a pair of Panasonic PT-DZ770 HD projectors, with one as the primary and the other a projecting back-up.

This arrangement allowed us to simultaneously project a pixel-for-pixel overlay of the content from both projectors, which not only increases the brightness, but ensures that should one develop a fault, there will be no interruption to the video feed.

This attention to detail and preparation for any eventuality instils confidence in our clients and allows them to concentrate on satisfying their client, safe in the knowledge TechPro have it covered. It might cost a little more, but the benefits of this approach are obvious if something goes wrong.

In the Woodlands Suite, staged for dinner and the evening’s award ceremony, the video presentation was delivered via a huge LG 98 inch LED display. Audio was provided via another of our Yamaha QL1 digital mixing consoles, feeding a range of NEXO PS15 R2 and NEXO LS18 loudspeakers.

Quality shining through

Lighting the two rooms used during both days required a different mood for each, with one reflecting the catwalk atmosphere of the showcase sessions and the other the glamour of the awards evening.

Our lighting solution for the Warwick Suite education and showcase events combined ETC Source 4 and Junior Zoom lamps for the highlights, with Chauvet COLORado battens delivering the required wash effects, all controlled our Avolites Quartz lighting console.

For dinner and the awards evening in the Woodlands Suite, we designed the lighting solution to utilise our extensive quality assured inventory, including ETC Source 4 lamps, ROBE LEDBeam to provide fast sweeping beams of light and Chauvet Q-WASH 560Z LEDs to set the mood.

Fortunately, with the day’s events in the Warwick Suite ended for the day, our technicians could head to the Woodlands Suite to assume their duties for the evening, which meant an 18-hour day for most, once the DJ set had closed around 1.00am

Set & stage sets the scene

The day’s events required TechPro to build a large 10m x 2m stage, carpeted in white to really deliver the sense of a fashion show, with the hair models arriving on stage via a similarly carpeted catwalk stage.

During dinner in the Woodlands Suite, the award winners would be receive their awards on the large 8m x 2m stage we built that was approximately 45cm high. It all sounds relatively simple, but in the dark, when the lightshow and the sound kicks in the impact is immediate and impressive.

And finally…

Thanks to the efforts of the TMB Events team who worked closely with our experienced project managers and crew in the design and production of this event, it was a big success, with plenty of positive feedback from the client and their delegates.

It was important early in the planning for our team to view and discuss the content of the show with the TMB Events team, so we could advise on the specification of the video displays in particular, so we never over or under resource an event – ‘just right’ delivers real value for our clients.

Working on projects of this nature with experienced live event agencies like TMB Events makes life easier. They know what they want from every event, but are prepared to listen to our advice, shaped by our experience of delivering hundreds of similar events. This was two events in one really, which meant long days for the team, but our planning and attention to detail ensured it was another TechPro flawless delivery.Project Manager (TechPro)