TechPro is well versed at working with companies to provide all staff meetings in person and via streaming platforms.

All Hands Meetings often require a functional hybrid level of support, with the normality of hybrid or remote working currently present in today’s workplaces. Important messages are required to be seen and heard by employees over platforms such as Microsoft Teams or Zoom to ensure productivity within your business is maintained while everyone stays informed, eliminating the requirement for employees to travel to listen to company updates and interact with senior leadership teams.

With Virtual Town Hall Meetings there could be a small face to face audience at HQ, then a simultaneous link to a video conferencing platform to maintain productivity in offices and include all employees in these important updates.  There could also be a completely online presentation, mixed with a live Q&A from senior leadership team. Or there could be a face-to-face only presentation, but a requirement to link a presenter from another location or country by video call to present to your face-to-face audience.

What is a town hall meeting?

A town hall meeting is when everyone who works at a company comes together to learn about the company's goals, share their opinions, and hear important updates. It's a way for the team to connect and for the leaders to share the company's values and news with everyone.

These meetings are often called all hands or all staff meetings and are held in a big space where all the employees can fit or held virtually for those who may be unable to attend. The company's CEO and management team usually talks to everyone, and sometimes other top people in the company like the marketing or sales bosses give talks too.

Town hall meetings can be very simple, like just having lunch with your team now and then, or they can be bigger and more official, with presentations, talks and group discussions led by the senior leadership team.

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About TechPro

Since its formation, TechPro has enjoyed steady growth, building a strong reputation for its client-centric approach, whilst prioritising quality of service by ensuring customers have the technical support needed to plan and host events.

Given the amount of effort that goes into event planning and organisation, it’s our job to relieve some of the pressure by taking charge of the technical side. This means visiting your site or venue, assessing the technical requirements of the upcoming event and recommending the best equipment for the job.

From our UK based headquarters, we have the ability to ship equipment across Europe and beyond – there are no demands too big for us to handle.

Our clients know we will always be there for them. With decades of experience and unflappable project managers who have faced and resolved every challenge the sector can throw at them. We are the calming, confidence instilling team that delivers to time and budget, on time, every time.

We understand the live event industry is a tough and pressurised environment with last minute changes and unusual client requests commonplace. That being said, we trust in attention to detail, careful preparation and detailed planning – it’s why our clients keep returning.

All Staff Meetings With TechPro

TechPro is on hand to fully support communications at an all hands meeting from a technical perspective and alleviate any worries about if everybody will be able to see and hear the messages that are to be conveyed.

TechPro has successfully provided meeting AV packages for charities, industrial, financial, retail and corporate companies from as little as £1.5k - £5k, which allows us to provide a seamless, but functional level of support to ensure messages are delivered clearly, without technical issue in a professional way.  Leveraging our larger production experience and knowledge of hybrid delivery methods, we can provide you with a level of support for your internal communication requirements which doesn’t require you to understand how it works, but simply allows you to leave to the us to work our technical magic, leaving you with the comfort of knowing your messages will be seen and heard by everybody you want them to be delivered to.

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