Exceptional live sound reinforcement for live events

Exceptional live sound reinforcement for live events

Audio can often be the Achilles heel of corporate live events. If everything else is perfect, but you can’t hear the presenter’s words, or the music reproduction lacks depth, impact and sparkle, then your experience of the event will be ruined.

It’s the reason we devote a lot of time and attention to specifying the audio solutions most appropriate for the event, the venue and the desired output, whether for speech reproduction, music or sound effect cues.

There are many parts to a total live sound reinforcement system, which is only ever as good as the weakest component. Here at TechPro, we not only ensure our stock of audio equipment is of the highest professional quality, but that it is resourced from the world’s leading manufacturers

Our inventory includes brands like Yamaha for digital mixers, Sennheiser and DPA for wireless microphones and Nexo for amplification and loudspeakers – to name but a few!

Flexibility through choice

We understand that meeting the numerous and wide-ranging requirements of the different corporate events we provide services for, requires a flexible approach to audio design.

Ensuring we provide the right solution every time depends on the careful consideration of many factors, from the audience size and seating plans to the different types of venue and the range, or sometimes limitations of, a given venue’s rigging capabilities.

You can trust we’ll deliver the right solution given our more than a decade’s experience supporting live events for our live event agency clients. We’ve delivered great sonic performance for small boardroom-style presentations to 20 delegates, right up to large award ceremonies and brand launches with audiences numbering in the hundreds. TechPro understands the need for flexibility.

Our experience and ability to be flexible is reflected in our stock of audio equipment, which includes a wide range of Nexo loudspeakers that allow us to accommodate different approaches to each event.

The ‘point-source’ full range loudspeakers we specify, allow us to accommodate audio set-ups that range from a simple 2-speaker pole mounted solution to more complex flown distributed systems.

Our stock includes the super-compact ID24, the PS10 and PS15 from the renowned Nexo PS loudspeaker range, alongside LS600 and LS18 sub-bass enclosures. You will also find our solutions often use the compact Nexo GEO M620 line array system, that form an important part of our stock.

The system is designed to fill a room with sound, not speakers. It can be ground-stacked, pole-mounted or suspended as a single speaker or more commonly in vertical arrays of between 2 and 12 loudspeakers (per array).

Part of the appeal with GEO M620 is the combination of high-power output, minimal visual impact due to its compact physical size and the ease with which we can rig systems in a range of different ways.

The system offers the flexibility we need to deliver the intelligible sound every audience needs and expects, without loudspeakers ruining their visual experience of the live event.

When we combine our quality assured equipment with experienced Project Management and qualified technical onsite crew, we guarantee your audience will hear everything they should and enjoy another TechPro flawless delivery.

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