Panasonic PT-RZ970 projector

Investing in inventory to make an impact

TechPro has built a reputation for only using the best quality assured equipment, whether it’s lighting, video, audio or typically, all of them combined into one seamless service for the live events industry.

The video presentation is usually central to any live event, whether it’s a creative multi-layered presentation, a video-in-picture arrangement, or blend of static and moving images. People now expect to be wowed, whether it’s a few in a seminar or hundreds at an awards dinner.

And at the heart of video presentation is the projector. Not the sort you might use in a ‘death by PowerPoint’ presentation in the boardroom, but the powerful touring units we use that can throw images 10,000 lumens bright to create sharp, colourful content that captivates the audience.

Project a memorable impression

We recently increased our stock of projectors, adding yet more of our current favourite, the Panasonic PT-RZ970. It is a class-leading design that delivers 10,000 lumens brightness and a resolution of up to 1920 x 1200 pixels per projector.

It’s one of our favourite projectors, especially where bright highly defined display of content is required, able to handle the transmission of uncompressed full HD video and control commands through a single cable for distances up to 150m, which matters in some of the large venues we work with.

Whilst one of the skills of our project management teams is to integrate our equipment with that available in-house at a venue to deliver cost-effective solutions to clients, we constantly invest in new kit like the PT-RZ970 because we know what it can do and the results we can deliver.

The projectors feature Solid Shine technology, which delivers unrivalled image quality from the laser light source, far beyond the quality possible with lamp-based systems.

Panasonic PT-RZ970 projector

We can achieve the perfect white balance and improved colour reproduction to project a picture that more closely resembles the colours seen in real life and more closely match the view of the designers creating the video content and digital signage for the events we support.

The PT-RZ970 is also incredibly versatile, allowing a huge range of final image sizes. It’s part of our skill here at TechPro to always use the most appropriate lens for the production, with a full range to choose from in our stock; then it’s just a matter of ensuring the alignment and focus are perfect.

The PT-RZ970 is also excellent in multi-projector blend systems for larger event spaces, where maximum impact is essential. Setting up multiple projectors to ensure a seamless blend of content is a subject worthy of a blog in its own right, especially as we recently took delivery of Panasonic’s powerful auto screen alignment kit.

Okay, it’s all a bit technical, but it’s this passion for technology that ensures our clients can exploit projected content to its fullest extent and deliver a memorable event. Big venues, big images and perfect control makes for a flawless delivery; on time, every time.

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