It’s no warmer in Paris

With freezing weather in the UK, it was perhaps no surprise our technicians looked pleased as we organised their travel arrangements to support a three-day healthcare event in Paris, but although it’s sunny, it’s no warmer than here.

We are providing support for two separate events with different schedules in the same venue, for around 50 and 100 people respectively.

The hotel in the very heart of the French capital, offers the usual challenge of HGV’s in narrow French streets and time critical drop-offs with Parisian congestion, all of which had to be considered in our meticulous planning.

Although the event for the attendees is only lasting the three days, it’s closer to a week for our crew and the equipment being sent, set-up, tested and made available for rehearsal the day before the event’s start on the 21st & 22nd.

Once we’ve undertaken our systematic technical run-throughs, the various presenters can begin their rehearsals – not so much glitz and glamour for these events, far more about understated professionalism that works like clockwork on each day.

Projecting a professional image

Whilst smaller in capacity terms than many of our typical live events, there is a lot to be demonstrated on-screen and discussed amongst the participants, which is why the quality of the video is critical.

For this event we’re using a Panasonic PT-RZ970 HD laser projector, one of our favourites for its immersive picture quality and accurate colour reproduction, even in bright environments. As usual, we have the exact same set-up running as backup, which will takeover seamlessly if there’s a problem with the first projector.

We are also using a Barco PDS-902 switcher which allows for totally seamless switching from multiple inputs. The presenters have a lot of information to convey and will be using three comfort monitors, one to show the current slide, one for next slide and one for their presenter notes.

Hearing clearly every word spoken by each presenter is ensured thanks to the perfect combination of Audio Technica AS935 condenser microphones, Nexo PS10 R2 loudspeakers and Nexo LS18 subwoofers, all brought together by our sound technicians operating a Yamaha QL series digital mixing console, complete with Dante controlled stagebox.

Thanks to integrating a 12-channel Sennheiser G3 wireless system, with clip-on microphones, presenters can walk around the stage, rather than being tethered to the lectern – it also allows flexibility on each day, to easily introduce new contributors to the presentations.

Lighting for the event is very simple and only used sparingly to light the stage areas and the presenters, rather than to create a range of exciting lighting effects. Atmosphere is provided by Chauvet COLORado LED battens, with everything controlled by our Avolites quartz lighting console.

Taking things to the next stage

These meetings are critical to the success of the healthcare sector and are given the respect they deserve by both the company and the live event agencies that organise them. This event is no different and the setting and stage is an important part of the overall presentation.

We created a large white canvas to help highlight the core messages of the event and included within the set a 7m x 2.8m aluminium frame adapted for rear projection in the smaller room and a 12m x 4m complete with a 4m wide front projection screen.

There is a 7m x 1.5m stage at 300mm high in the smaller meeting and a larger 12m x 2m stage at 450mm high in the larger space, to again add an air of professionalism to what is a small event in scale, but not in stature.

On site for all of the set-up, rehearsal and live event days we have 11 technicians to cater for each of the disciplines; video, sound, lighting and set/stage, which guarantees our trademark flawless delivery and the ability to cope with any changes to the itinerary, planned or unplanned.

Our technicians are merely the visible presence on-site of what is a huge operation behind the scenes to ensure every piece of equipment not only performs as it should on the day, but that it arrives in France in time for our client to produce a high quality live event for their client.

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