never enough safety training

Never enough safety training

Every member of the team here at TechPro is committed to flawless delivery of live events, but everyone recognises that delivering our services in full compliance with Health & Safety (H&S) regulations is as important as the quality of the video, audio and lighting.

The safety of our team, contractors, clients and attendees at events is our top priority, which is why a positive H&S culture runs through the heart of our business.

We believe good H&S management is never ‘completed’ and constantly strive to improve our processes and approach. It is this commitment to go beyond the necessary standards that ensures we achieve excellence that helps us reduces the

Summer training camp

Our training is never confined to just the teams working on site and the quiet August holiday month was the perfect opportunity for the senior management team to receive advice from our H&S training provider.

ESS Consultants (ESS) is a specialist H&S consultancy, providing expert advice exclusively to the live events industry and our consultant, Ben Harding, is renowned throughout the industry for his experience and in-depth knowledge.

This session from ESS highlighted the legal ramifications for the management team and the business, should there be a major incident on one of the events supported by TechPro. It also covered the warning signs to look out for, to help head off any potential problems, with prevention always better than cure.

It’s not just theory in the classroom either, as all the training is followed with online tests, available through our training portal, with the results highlighting any individual safety training aspects that require a little more effort – competitive natures also help ensure everyone tries that bit harder.

First aid refresher

Our world involves a lot of equipment, a lot of people and a lot of interaction between the two, which on rare occasions can lead to accidents requiring immediate first aid.

We ensure if anyone suffers an accident at work or on site at an event location, our team know what to do until professional help arrives.

TechPro employs the services of Derwent Training Consultants to deliver 3-day ‘First Aid at Work’ training programmes that ensure our teams are confident to help in any situation.

A burning issue

We work with a lot of electrical equipment, some of which gets hot and although it’s highly unlikely, there is an ever-present risk of fire when we are rigging and even during live events, which is why every member of our on-site teams is confident in the role of fire warden.

This confidence is instilled thanks to training undertaken with Fire Risk Management Services Limited, which covers all the aspects of the role of a warden, like legislation, causes of fire, fire prevention, procedures in the event of a fire, extinguisher use, safety features, emergency procedures and responsibilities, including fire assembly and managing people when stressed.

The course prepares our wardens with the advice and support they need to successfully manage risk and complete a safe evacuation during a fire, which will usually involve coordinating with the venue team to ensure a quick response should the worse happen.

It’s also good to know our warehouse and offices are safer too thanks to these individuals being around and knowing what to look out for.

When TechPro are appointed, we believe it’s essential our clients have total peace of mind in the services we deliver and how their reputation is not just protected but enhanced by what we do and the way we do it. And that includes safety on site, from a first aid and fire prevention perspective.

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