Putting the sight, sound and light into live events

Whether you’re organising your first live event or your hundredth, the number of individual elements that need coordinating to ensure a flawless delivery always seems daunting. But when it comes to the AV services, there are particular issues that need addressing.

Choose your venue wisely

Perhaps the biggest impact on your live event will be the venue you choose. You will need to consider not only what can be achieved in the space, but the logistics of using the space effectively.

One of the biggest issues from an AV perspective is whether there is space enough to deliver the impressive visual and audio performance you and your client will be expecting.

You should check what restrictions, if any, there are surrounding what equipment can be used and whether there is suitable access to the space for equipment to be delivered, unloaded and set-up.

All these considerations are why we regularly undertake site visits for our clients, often before a final decision has been made about which venue to use. When the choice is close, taking account of the logistics for access and set-up for all the AV equipment, might identify a more cost-effective venue.

Think carefully about the space

You and your client want the audience to see everything and hear every word spoken, but remember, they do not all have to be in a single space. Live streaming the event to screens and speakers in different parts of the venue, or even different venues can build engagement.

The right questions need to be asked before you select a venue, but it’s possible to broadcast your event live around the world, to bring geographically-dispersed teams closer together. If it’s for consumers, charging a fee to enjoy the event can also help boost a client’s coffers.

Spreading a live event around different locations will not only improve engagement and spread the messages further, but may be more cost-effective than booking bigger venues and covering travelling/hotel expenses of more attendees.

Set and stage takes time

It’s important to consider how long it will take to install the lighting, video wall or projectors and sound system, to say nothing of the set dressing and stage build. No one wants a rushed job, with the potential for a sub-standard presentation.

Some venues might restrict the time a room or setting can be accessed prior to the event to limit disruption to guests, or because another event is running the day before. It’s critical to consider the impact of trying to set-up an event, while the previous one is being broken down.

The larger the event, the more possibility for installation timings to slip, unless you appoint an experienced AV services provider like TechPro. We have a team that’s done it a hundred times before and know the time needed to ensure flawless delivery every time.

Our team knows the benefit of allowing for rehearsal schedules in the set up time, which can impact the overall professionalism of the message delivery.

You can have a great looking set and stage but with unprepared presenters and poor message delivery or techniques etc., the event could fail to deliver what is expected by the client.

Only meticulous planning and a can-do attitude to last-minute changes (which always happen when the client turns up) will deliver the event to a standard that will impress your client and send the delegates away happy – it’s what we do.

Appoint professionals and relax

Here at TechPro we have an unrivalled reputation for delivering AV services for live events of every size and complexity, in a single venue or multiple locations across an entire city.

We are experienced in handling all of the often-forgotten issues detailed above and our safe expert hands ensure you can relax and concentrate on spending time with your client, safe in the knowledge you are delivering a live event memorable for all the right reasons.

If you have an event on the horizon, let’s talk and we’ll explain the TechPro difference.

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