We understand that a lot of time and effort is invested into the planning and organisation of an event. With this in mind, the last thing anybody wants is to have their hard work wasted due to low quality equipment.

Although it seems straightforward, AV Hire is perhaps one of the most important considerations during the event planning process – not only does the quality of the hired equipment determine an event’s success, but any issues with the order or delivery could threaten to derail it entirely.

It’s because of this that TechPro strive to deliver AV Hire services that are built around reliability and quality, allowing clients to choose from an extensive range of industry-leading products, whilst ensuring a smooth delivery without any unnecessary delays or disruptions.

Similarly, if your event requires full production and crew, then we have experienced project managers and technicians whose expertise can be hired for the duration. Not only will they offer their technical support, but they will guide you throughout the journey ensuring a memorable experience for your guests.

From our UK based headquarters, our AV Hire services stretch across Europe to ensure all clients are properly supported, so if you are in the process of planning an event, then allow our team of specialists to relieve some of the pressure.

Quality-Assured AV Hire

Our client-centric approach and steadfast commitment to providing efficient AV Hire services means that all of our equipment is rigorously tested before it is sent out. Where faults are found, the equipment is either repaired and retested or replaced entirely, ensuring our inventory is always up to date and fit for purpose.

Meanwhile, our vastly experienced team of project managers and technicians have decades worth of experience, supporting a wide variety of events from small, conference-style meetings to large presentations in front of a live studio audience. As part of the service, our team will visit the venue in the lead up to your event and offer recommendations to ensure a memorable experience for those in attendance.

The same quality assurances are afforded to those clients who require production support on the day of the event, as our entire team have the technical knowledge and expertise to ensure everything runs smoothly, troubleshooting and overcoming any issues that might occur on the day.


An Extensive Product Inventory

The impact of using best in class technical equipment cannot be understated. Whilst successful AV Hire relies on efficient and reliable product delivery, it’s vital that clients have the freedom to choose specific products and tools that will help them achieve the desired result. As such, we constantly review our existing product inventory and add new equipment to provide further value. Our range includes:


No matter how big or small the venue may be, we have an extensive range of video equipment to choose from. From cables to screen management solutions, our inventory features some of the industry’s most respected brands, all available for hire.   

All the leading video presentation equipment brands feature in our inventory, including Panasonic, Sony and the Barco E2 – the first screen management system to manage 4K projector blends with refresh rates of up to 60Hz with full 4:4:4 colour sampling and 12bit processing.


It goes without saying that poor audio quality can ruin an event. Presenters and participants must feel confident in the sound systems supporting them, which is why we have spent a lot of time perfecting our range of audio equipment, all available for hire.

As such, our inventory consists some of the biggest and most reputable brands, including Yamaha, Sennheiser and Nexo, all of which guarantee clear sound quality and an engaged and attentive audience.


This focus on quality and variety also applies to our wide range of lighting equipment. Whilst video and audio are always the first two elements to be considered during the event planning process, the implementation of an effective lighting solution can really enhance the audience’s experience and set the tone for an event. 

To ensure the highest quality possible, we specialise in lighting design that combines the best of Robe and Clay-Paky lamps, controlled with consoles from the likes of Avolites to deliver the fast sweeping beams and wide-reaching quality washes that sets pulses racing.

What Our Clients Have To Say

“Just wanted to say it was a pleasure working with you on the Bayer event. Many thanks goes to yourself and all of the onsite AV team that made sure the event went extremely smoothly. Please relay my thanks to the rest of the team and I hope to work with you all again soon.”

– Atlantic Presentations

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About TechPro

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Since its formation, TechPro has enjoyed steady growth, building a strong reputation for its client-centric approach, whilst prioritising quality of service by ensuring customers have the technical support needed to plan and host events.

Given the amount of effort that goes into event planning and organisation, it’s our job to relieve some of the pressure by taking charge of the technical side. This means visiting your site or venue, assessing the technical requirements of the upcoming event and recommending the best equipment for the job.

From our UK based headquarters, we have the ability to ship equipment across Europe and beyond – there are no demands too big for us to handle.

Our clients know we will always be there for them. With decades of experience and unflappable project managers who have faced and resolved every challenge the sector can throw at them. We are the calming, confidence instilling team that delivers to time and budget, on time, every time.

We understand the live event industry is a tough and pressurised environment with last minute changes and unusual client requests commonplace. That being said, we trust in attention to detail, careful preparation and detailed planning – it’s why our clients keep returning.

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