TechPro add new 4K cameras and controllers to hire inventory

It is gratifying to see a return to in-person meetings, seminars, awards and live events, as memories of the tough Covid years fade. Whilst to some it may seem there is no longer a need for the streaming or online delivery of any live event, to many organisers they remain key elements

But having worked through the pandemic and developed new ways for businesses to present remotely or for people to be involved without attending, many organisers want to retain this aspect of live events and TechPro has made significant investments in technology to facilitate this need.

The latest new technology to be included in our equipment inventory is new Panasonic AW-UE50 cameras, operated remotely from our control desk. These discrete cameras are designed to enhance visual communication in a variety of applications, including the live streaming of events.

Their small footprint, combined with the ability to be operated and vision mixed from one single control position without a separate camera operator, means they are an obvious choice for small meeting spaces where physical space is at a premium.

Panasonic AW-UE50 PTZ camera technical details

We recognise that for most of our clients, just the knowledge that we can include these high-quality high-definition cameras in any event design to deliver presentations to an audience watching-on remotely, is enough.

But we know some of you like more technical information so you can take advantage of the advanced features and build them into your design proposal for the event. So here is a general overview of the features of the Panasonic AW-UE50 PTZ camera and the controllers used to pan, zoom and tilt them to find the perfect shot for your meeting.

The AW-UE50 weighs only 1.8kg, which makes it easy to transport, to handle and to install in any setting, especially when you want us to position them up on trusses or ceilings. In no particular order, these are the features that make these cameras a must-have for your events:

  • Direct drive – the AW-UE50 features Panasonic’s direct drive system to ensure quiet and smooth movement, with a reduced operating noise that will not distract presenters. The direct drive also allows faster precise movement with higher accuracy in preset positioning, which helps us set up for exceptional event coverage.
  • Video content – it is possible to obtain video and audio from the AW-UE50 camera in much the same way we would with a USB camera. Importantly, the UE50 is also equipped with a Privacy Mode, which positions the lens towards the back when on standby.
  • Upgraded 4K sensor – the AW-UE50 features a new 4K MOS sensor that produces stunning ultra- high-definition [UHD] video with true 4K resolution of 1,500 TV lines. The UE50 supports 3G SDI, HDMI and IP, ideal for use within existing HD or 4K workflows thanks to its simultaneous video output feature.
  • Wide-angle lens – the AW-UE50 has a new wide-angle lens with a 24x optical zoom, which can shoot a wide area from a limited installation space. It maintains the high image quality, even at high zoom ratios, which means shooting in large indoor spaces is no challenge. Optical image stabilisation (OIS) has also been added to ensure smooth pan-tilt movement when in busier environments.
  • New processor – the AW-UE50 includes a powerful new chipset platform, making the camera incredibly responsive and capable of increased video processing tasks for higher image quality and lower latency. It also supports up to 4K 25p/30p video at 3840 x 2160 to provide professional and high-quality shooting of moving images, as well as a wide variety of output interfaces.

New technology is nothing without control

In addition to the new Panasonic AW-UE50 PTZ cameras we have added to our equipment stock in Tamworth, we have also invested in Panasonic AW-RP60 Remote Camera Controllers, designed to get the best from the 4K PTZ cameras.

The all-new AW-RP60 compact remote camera controller comes with a large LCD display that offers enhanced visibility of the various menu screens. This controller, which has an improved joystick for smoother control, is compatible with all current Panasonic PTZ models, such as the new AW-UE50 cameras TechPro has added to its equipment stock.

All the important information about the cameras connected to the controller, such as iris, zoom and focus can be seen at all times directly on the LCD screen. The AW-RP60 is also capable of supporting up to 200 cameras in 20 groups, manages 100 presets.

The controller comes with PoE2 [Power over Ethernet] support, which uses a single ethernet cable for power and camera control. This reduces the number of cables we need to rig around a venue, whilst still allowing important camera control operation, gamma, white balance and other colour adjustment functions to be performed remotely from the control desk.

Get in touch and view the future remotely

If you want to know any more about our new Panasonic AW-UE50 PTZ cameras or the Panasonic AW-RP60 Remote Camera Controllers recently added to our stock list, please get in touch. We can show you the difference they will make to the next live event you have to design and help you impress your clients.

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