ISE in Amsterdam

TechPro heading to ISE in Amsterdam

TechPro is heading to Amsterdam on 5 & 6 February to one of the largest events in the AV calendar. This time however, we will not be providing any of our own equipment to help deliver the event, but reviewing the equipment we’ll be investing in over the coming months.

Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) is the world’s largest exhibition for AV and systems integration professionals. The three-day event brings all the sectors leading companies and individuals together to collaborate, learn and do business, with the future on display.

This year’s event is expected to attract more than 80,000 attendees, all ready to visit as many of the 1,300 exhibitors as possible and sit in on any number of seminars and conferences being delivered daily.

These presentations will largely focus on five important sectors: Extended Reality (XR), Digital Cinema, Digital Signage, Hospitality and Visitor Attractions. Topics we will expand on once we return from Amsterdam, with heads full of wonder.

In reality it’s special

Don’t worry if you’ve not come across XR and feel you’ve missed out on something important, it’s really just a catch-all term for technology you will be familiar with: AR (augmented reality), VR (virtual reality) and MR (mixed or merged reality).

Whilst some commentators and industry luminaries believe it is the future, we’ll be taking a peek to set our minds racing about how these technologies can be applied and integrated with traditional technology to make an impact in the live environment.

We have a huge number of live events to deliver this year for our clients, who all expect another flawless delivery and that needs a lot of high-quality equipment, from consumables to full-size event master processors.

Our favourite manufacturers such as Panasonic, Barco, Robe, Nexo, Samsung, Clay Paky, Sennheiser and Yamaha will no doubt welcome us on to their stands

We’ll be excited to see their latest offerings. And it’s a great chance to meet with old friends and colleagues from well-known distributors – and even competitors!

All will be showcasing some of the world´s most innovative solutions and we will gain a valuable insight into the next generation of technical presentation equipment we can add to our growing inventory to ensure our clients deliver the memorable events their clients expect.

We have recently invested in new Panansonic HD laser projectors, but at ISE 2019 we get the opportunity to assess how their new products perform in real-world applications.

They have a lot to review, including visual solutions for venues of every size, along with short-throw and portable projectors, LED LCD displays in various sizes, video walls and interactive screens. The professional video cameras and AV software solutions are always worth a look too.

Innovation makes the trip

At TechPro we take our equipment very seriously and examine every piece on its return to our Tamworth headquarters, checking and changing anything necessary to ensure every event we support features only quality-assured equipment.

But just because we know what we like and trust our suppliers, it’s good to know what’s new. And which companies are trying that bit harder to attract our attention, demonstrating how their new tech will benefit our clients – it’s what really matters.

And whilst the names will be familiar to many, ROE Visual Co. Ltd (LED displays), Brompton (LED processing), Absen (LED displays), Elation (lighting), RTS Intercom (wireless communications) and DiGiCo (audio processing) have yet to grace our equipment list.

So, if any representatives of those companies happen to read this, don’t forget to give a warm welcome to Mike Foyle, our Event Services Director. He is set to focus on improving our communication and collaboration with clients and suppliers alike, but he remains a tech geek at heart.

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