Bringing moving images to life is what we do

Whether it’s a simple presentation to a small room of professionals or a video designed for impact played to a conference hall of delegates, TechPro offers an unrivalled ability to impress.

Renowned for the high quality of all our video equipment, from cables to live screen management systems, we turn client visions into high definition reality, with resolutions to match.

We have the technical expertise, with an attention to detail that lets you focus on your client, while we deliver an outstanding visual experience for everyone at your live event, regardless of its size or complexity.


All the leading video presentation equipment brands feature in our inventory, like Panasonic, Sony and the Barco E2, the first screen management system to manage 4K projector blends with refresh rates up to 60Hz with full 4:4:4 colour sampling and 12bit processing.

Our technical teams understand the technical jargon so you don’t have to. And they know how to get the best from every single item and how to combine them seamlessly to create something special with projected images, video or LED walls and large screen displays.

If you want to impress your client with the video presentation at their next live event, it’s perhaps time you discovered the advantage that is TechPro.