TechPro deliver a different service

Our service is far more than the sum of the parts.

We can talk in detail about our equipment or our technical AV services and how facilities in the UK and the Netherlands ensure Europe-wide support, but our offering runs much deeper.

Years of experience have shaped our service to better reflect the needs of event agencies like yours, ensuring our work only enhances your reputation, with your clients.

We provide a complete service that ensures a flawless delivery of live events, regardless of size, complexity, venue or location, all available with just one call.

Our reputation is built on our three pillars of service delivery; quality assured equipment, experienced project management and qualified technical teams.

We combine all these elements into a single seamless delivery that allows you to concentrate on keeping your clients happy.


Quality assured equipment

The vast stock of technical equipment in our warehouse is constantly refreshed with the latest technology to ensure our delivery of the event matches your ambition.

Attention to detail is paramount, with every piece of equipment meticulously maintained and tested to mitigate the risk of failure during use.

Our trained in-house team undertake all equipment preparation, with consistency and quality assured through repetition of our documented auditable processes.

And everything is stored, packed and shipped in our instantly recognisable and highly durable flight cases, which means everything arrives in perfect condition, ready to go.

We also provide technical guidance and advice shaped by experience that will help determine the right equipment for every live event, to achieve your desired outcomes.


Experienced project management

To get the most from our quality assured equipment you need a team of experienced project managers, who ensure everything comes together seamlessly.

Our team understand the pressurised environment in which you work and will take ownership of projects from initial brief to post-event analysis, sharing project progress on a regular basis.

Experienced project management keeps you well-informed and in complete control, whilst freeing up your time to care for your client, confident of another flawless delivery by TechPro.

Every last-minute change, venue problem or unexpected request has been experienced by our project managers, who know you need calm solutions, not excuses.

All the processes we follow are transparent, fully auditable and compliant with good management practice as we transition our business to the cloud and paperless systems.

architect designing a house. All screen graphics are made up.

Qualified technical team

Every flawless delivery requires experienced project management, quality assured equipment and the final piece of the jigsaw, qualified technical teams.

From set and stage to rigging and prepping, our qualified technical teams bring the whole show together, calmly and with precision, giving your clients time to rehearse.

We deploy teams of highly qualified specialist technicians for every aspect of your event, from video and audio to graphics and lighting, resourced to make your life easier.

The good humour and patience of our technical teams ensure events run smoothly and that you enjoy the hours you spend on-site, before, during and after the event.

Our professional approach will minimise your stress and we’re confident our work will enhance your reputation with your clients. We are the technical partner you can trust to deliver flawless live events.


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