As an event planner or organiser, the pressure of coordinating the required technical support can be a lot to bear. In many cases, the weight of expectation combined with fast approaching deadlines can negatively impact an event, as those running it become increasingly flustered over time.

When you also consider that many of these events take place in unfamiliar locations or venues, it is easy to see how and why these experiences turn stressful for those in positions of responsibility, especially if professional support is not on-hand to advise.

With nowhere to turn and a lack of options to explore, planners are forced into making tough technical decisions, gambling with the AV design of their event in the hopes that all goes to plan and no problems occur.

Not only does this put the entire event at risk, but it also leaves organisers feeling overwhelmed and neglected.

It is for this reason that TechPro continues to support its clients through the provision of tailored AV Design Services, taking the time to understand the unique requirements of an event and making AV recommendations to ensure its success. As part of this service, TechPro’s in-house team of technicians will visit the venue before tailoring its advice and will provide on-the-day operational support if required.

This tried and tested approach has proved successful on a wide range of previous events, so let us take the stress out of your situation and approach the AV Design planning process properly.

Quality-Assured Technical Event Design Service

When it comes to selecting the right equipment, the last thing that anybody wants is to implement a solution that fails to do the event justice or doesn’t work properly. To avoid any disappointment or last minute complications, our vast stock of technical equipment is regularly tested and constantly refreshed, ensuring faulty or outdated products are replaced with the best in class.

Bespoke AV Design Services are most successful when our technical team has the options and resources needed to tailor recommendations and solutions. It is this commitment to checking equipment and ensuring products are working correctly that helps them maintain high standards, eliminating any possibility of last minute disappointment on behalf of the client.

Quality assurances also come from our team’s promise to visit your venue, both in the lead up to the event and on the day itself. This process of becoming familiar with the venue whilst learning more about the event itself gives our technicians the background information needed to deliver confident AV Design Services. Meanwhile, having our technical team there to operate the equipment during the event provides peace of mind to those clients that need it.

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What Our Clients Have To Say

“Having only undertaken a few small-scale events for this client, we really wanted to impress with this larger event. TechPro understood what we were trying to achieve and as ever made the process from design and set-up to management and de-rigging simple and problem-free. They are easy to work with, provide a single source for design and technical expertise. What more could we want?!”

– Galina Griffiths, Account Manager at TMB Events

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About TechPro

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Since its formation, TechPro has enjoyed steady growth, building a strong reputation for its client-centric approach, whilst prioritising quality of service by ensuring customers have the technical support needed to plan and host events.

Given the amount of effort that goes into event planning and organisation, it’s our job to relieve some of the pressure by taking charge of the technical side. This means visiting your site or venue, assessing the technical requirements of the upcoming event and recommending the best equipment for the job.

From our UK based headquarters, we have the ability to ship equipment across Europe and beyond – there are no demands too big for us to handle.

Our clients know we will always be there for them. With decades of experience and unflappable project managers who have faced and resolved every challenge the sector can throw at them. We are the calming, confidence instilling team that delivers to time and budget, on time, every time.

We understand the live event industry is a tough and pressurised environment with last minute changes and unusual client requests commonplace. That being said, we trust in attention to detail, careful preparation and detailed planning – it’s why our clients keep returning.

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